Low Graft High Impact



Dwarf White Pine and Dwarf Tanyosho Pine are just two of the low graft pines grown at Sester Farms. Adding visual interest and texture to landscaping, these attractive multi-trunked trees are ideal for compact settings. The slow-growing evergreens grow broad and flat topped creating a dense umbrella-like silhouette. Dwarf White Pine’s ornamental blue-green needles remain their attractive bluish-green throughout winter. Dwarf Tanyosho Pine’s bark and branches peel and flake to reveal a rusty orange inner layer, which is a lovely counterpoint to its light green needles. These low maintenance trees will do best in well-draining soil with moderate water. Light pruning will help maintain a desired shape and provide a wonderfully unique accent.

Free GRAND PRIZE® Marketing Increases Retail Sales

We know marketing takes time, a precious commodity that’s hard to come by especially this time of the year. So to help our customers, the Sester Farms Grand Prize® brand offers marketing tools to help increase retail sales!

Stunning picture tags grace all Grand Prize® plants arriving at your garden center. Each plant tag includes informative descriptions, product photos and helpful plant attributes as well a QR code. All QR codes link to the Grand Prize® website where customers will find informative planting video tutorials available to watch from a smart phone or computer.

Grand Prize® shrubs, planted in striking purple pots, beckon customers’ attention. It’s been tested and proven – plants displayed in colorful pots are purchased more frequently than plants in generic black pots. With this fact in mind, the Grand Prize® brand provides vibrant picture tags and colorful pots to help customers move from shopper to purchaser. Additionally, Grand Prize® deciduous trees come with a captivatingly colorful tree wraps to further draw retail customers in.

Check out the Grand Prize® website to see for yourself the amazing marketing tools available to you at no charge. Click on www.grandprize.pro. You’re encouraged to share these valuable resources with customers and on social media.

Grand Prize® provides free marketing to help increase sales and provide the means for your garden center to be a valuable resource to customers well beyond the initial sale. Constantly striving to improve ways to attract retail customers, the Sester Farms Grand Prize® brand proves time and again QUALITY WINS!

Spring Forecast: Mostly Clear

Trade Show Feedback Positive

With the majority of our winter trade shows behind us, we found the overall attendee and exhibitor tone to be extremely positive and the outlook bright. Attendance was noticeably higher at multiple locations as well as an increase in the number of exhibitor booths. Our sales teams excitedly made new contacts, wrote new orders and added more plants to existing orders. Many of the Sester Farms’ customers we talked with at the trade shows are foreseeing a great 2017 spring season and gearing up in anticipation of a stellar season. Now would be a great time to review your order to be sure you have everything you need. We certainly can add-on at any point, but sooner is always better and, as always, supplies are limited. If you haven’t submitted your order yet, do so today!

Pictured above: Sester Farms’ Jim Browne with Sierra and Steve from Leo’s Feed & Garden Center, located in Cedar Lake, IN, at the iLandscape Show.

Help Us Help You

Sester Sales Team is a Ready Resource

We’ve all been there. We finally decide to make the purchase and then, unfortunately, what we want is out of stock. It’s a frustrating place to be. But here at Sester Farms the conversation does not have to end there. Our sales team is ready to offer other items for you to consider. Often times, there are very closely related substitutions that could step in to meet your need. Additionally, we have an inventory cushion for our acknowledged orders to be sure all orders are filled properly. Once acknowledged orders are completed, any remaining plants are released back to our Availability List. If your salesman knows what you’re looking for, he can contact you if your desired plant becomes available. Communication is key. Let us know how we can help.

Pictured above: (back row left to right) Scott Mallory, Roger Whaley, Noah Clark (front row left to right) Tim Totems, John Colbeck. Salesmen not pictured: Jim Browne, Mike Kemple, Mark Yeager.

Bareroot Harvest Done Right

Before harvesting our bareroot shade trees, we starch test root samples from the field.  Starch testing shows us when the trees have gone truly dormant.  Absence of leaves is not always an accurate indicator of dormancy.  Harvesting trees when they’ve reached true dormancy ensures maximum growth in the spring for our customers

When you purchase trees from Sester Farms you are assured of receiving value.  Quality plant material will always sell first, even when there’s extra product on the market.  Quality is a hallmark at Sester Farms; compromise is not a road we’ll travel down.  Make Sester Farms your first choice — nothing sells better than consistent quality!

Standing Strong

Standing Order Helps Alleviate Shortage

The Great Recession that hit in 2008 marked the beginning of difficult years for the Green Industry. Many nurseries did not plant a lot of trees during the recession which has contributed to the shortage we’re experiencing today.

Contrary to the national norm, Sester Farms not only survived the recession, but thrived. We continued planting and today have a well-rounded robust availability. But due to the nationwide demand, supplies are limited. The shortage is not so severe that customers will have empty lots, but specific species or size desired might not be readily available.

One way to combat this challenge is to take advantage of placing a Standing Order. A Standing Order with Sester Farms gives top priority to available varieties. It also helps customers regulate forecasting and reduces the need for emergency shipments or unmet requests. Plus a Standing Order can be amended to allow for flexibility and control.

A Standing Order is a significant business tool. Contact your salesman to establish yours today.

Trade Show Success

Every year Sester Farms selects a trade show line-up crisscrossing the United States and Canada to foster new relationships and strengthen established ones. From growing young expos to industry leaders, Sester Farms is on hand to hear directly from our customers and contacts what they want and need to be successful.

Sester Farms is committed to the success of our customers as well as the industry as a whole. First and foremost is our commitment to quality-grown product and exemplary customer care. Trade show participation is one way we’ve selected to spotlight this commitment.

This year we’re seeing more vendors and attendees at shows. The majority of garden centers and landscapers spoken to report having had a strong fall. Additionally there is an increase of construction in areas, contributing to a higher demand for nursery stock. One customer reported everything on their Sester Farms Spring Order is already sold and they need to add to their order. By all indications, the Green Industry as a whole is on the upswing. Exciting news all around.

Your success is our success. Stop by our trade show booth and say hello. We’d love to meet you in person and discuss how we can help!

Pictured above: Sester Farms’ Jim Browne (far left) chats with Northern Green Expo visitors.  






Trade Show Travels



Trade Show season is right around the corner. It is always a pleasure to visit with our current and future customers. Stop by and see us at the following 2017 shows:

Tradeshow Dates Location Website Booth
Indiana Green Expo January 4-5 Indianapolis, IN http://indianagreenexpo.com/ 530
Montana Green Expo January 4-5 Bozeman, MT www.plantingmontana.com 27C
Congress Show January 10-12 Toronto, ON www.locongress.com 1368
Northern Green Expo January 10-12 Minneapolis, MN www.northerngreen.org 513
MANTS Show January 11-13 Baltimore, MD http://www.mants.com/ 1031, 1033
Illinois Show January 16-17 Normal, IL www.illinoisgreen.net 
CENTS Show (MGIX) January 16-18 Columbus, OH http://www.mgix17.com/  1544
Green N Growin Show January 19-20 Greensboro, NC http://greenandgrowin.com/ 1029
The Western January 19-20 Kansas City, MO http://www.wnla.org/western 619
Nebraska Show January 24-25 Omaha, NE http://nnla.org/
Utah Green Expo January 24-25 Sandy, UT http://www.utahgreen.org/  330, 331
ND Convention January 29-31 Fargo, ND http://www.ndnga.com/convention 
SD Show February 1-3 Sioux Falls, SD http://sdnla.org/events/ 
iLandscape Show February 1-3 Schaumburg, IL http://www.ilandscapeshow.com/ 409
Progreen Show February 8-10 Denver, CO www.progreen.com 1109


Holiday Memories & Traditions

During the holiday season, thoughts are filled with memories and traditions. When looking back on Christmases past, usually the simplest things create the most heartfelt memories.
     Our gift to you this Christmas is a tried and true Sester Family favorite  – Homemade Twinkies. Often prepared for special occasions, this tasty treat can be enjoyed now and throughout the year.
     May this incredible time of giving and spending time with family and friends bring you joy that lasts throughout the year. Wishing you peace and joy for the holidays and New Year.

Gearing Up for Spring: Well Stocked & Ready to Book

availability-list-blogSester Farms has a full offering for your spring plant needs. From our dazzling Double Knock Out® shrub roses to impressive Karl Foerster ornamental grasses as well as stunning Autumn Blaze® maples and our trademark conifers, Sester Farms has a diverse shrub-roses-double-knock-out-blogkarl-forester-grass-blogselection of varieties of lasting favorites plus the newest selections your customers need and want. Our full-time inventory control staff assure availability counts are accurate and true. Check out our delivered-to-your-door Ready Now! and Seasonal Availability lists to see for yourself. With Sester Farms you will never see a freight bill for our container stock. blue-diamond-spruce-3-4-blogautumn-blaze-blog